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But that they feel he's best-suited for guard?
This drives me batty. Why would anyone, much less someone that's been labeled an "expert" or "insider", say anything of the sort? If I'm not mistaken, Albert has now played more games at left tackle at an NFL level than he played at guard in college. Not only that, he's played solidly at tackle. Solid enough to warrant being re-signed at the position, imo. Apparently we're all missing something these "experts" are seeing?

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jesus god petro needs to die...he's become teicher

****ing he thinks they should contemplate not drafting a QB at all...
Petro is smarter than this, you'd think. But whatever reason, from the very beginning of the offseason, he's been steadfast against drafting a QB at 1.1. Maybe his insider Bob Globby has turned him off to the thought?
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