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Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
I don't think KC scheduled this with the intent of throwing everybody off. Maybe they want to know what he is like before they close the door on him. Maybe they will consider him if they trade back and he falls. IDK, I doubt they take him, but I doubt this is an attempt to fool other Gm's after the comments they have already publicly made about the QB quality in this draft.
Bingo, which is what I was getting at with my post earlier. They aren't scheduling this as a "he's our guy" kind of deal, and they aren't scheduling this purely as a smokescreen to draw trade interest.

They want to poke and prod at him to find out if there's anything in Geno Smith that they haven't already seen.

As it sits today, there's a very, very small chance we draft him, we're talking less than 10%. But, with Andy Reid and company being decent talent evaluators of QB's, and Dorsey's eye on next years' draft, I fully believe that this percentage can skyrocket to near certainty, IF, Geno show our FO that he's the next big deal at the QB position, even if it means developing a guy for a year or two, which is why it explains a 2 day visit. They aren't going into this 2 day meeting with Geno because they think he can start this season.

Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
It means that They saved the best for last and that Geno has a chance to earn the right to be our first qb drafted in the first round for 30 years during his two day workout.
It means they want to seriously evaluate the guy from every angle to make sure that they don't pass up on the next great QB. If he doesn't just "WOW" everyone in this meeting, they'll close the book on him and be done. They aren't looking for a "Game Manager" for this team, they already have that. They are looking for the next Marino, next Montana, next Brady.

Originally Posted by dtchiefs4life View Post
Well for a GM saying there's no QB worth 1st overall, why bring him in for 2 days?
This is a two parter. 1. Like I've stated above, to make sure that they don't pass on the next big time QB in the league. They want to be as certain as they can be, that he is or is not the next big deal.

2. They realized with that statement, that they devalued their leverage on trading the pick, so they are going to do as much as they can right now and up until the draft, to hype up Geno to make THAT statement look like it was the smokescreen, when in reality, it could have been the meeting itself that was the smokescreen to cover up their tracks from their original statement.

What most people seem to be forgetting is that these teams are not communicating within each other about their potential draft selections, but trying to get the inside scoop on everybody Else's plans so they can structure their draft boards and see if they need to move up to get a guy, or if they can move down in a deal to acquire new picks, and still get a guy.

Originally Posted by penbook View Post
All signs are pointing to us taking Geno. This so called smokescreen is diminishing quickly.
Proof? The only signs I've seen so far, point towards the logical situation being the Chiefs are trying to cover their tracks on an early comment that went too public, and are now trying to juice up the hype around Geno to leverage the value of their #1 pick for trading purposes.

I haven't read anything regarding Stanzi or Tanney so far, and if either of them doesn't get cut, released, or picked up by another team prior to the draft, there's probably a really good chance that the Chiefs don't draft a QB, since you don't generally bring more than 4 QB's TO camp.

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
my understanding is when teams have private visits scheduled that the player is at the facility at the start of business on the day of his visit.

So that would lead me to believe he arrives in there tonight. Spends all day tomorrow and all day Tuesday with the team.
If I were a betting man, I'd say Geno arrives here in KC no later than 8:45 CST, and no earlier than 7:15 CST today.
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