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I'm new. Why can't I...?
New users are restricted in a number of ways:

  • Inability to send private messages to users
  • Inability to post images
  • Inability to start threads
  • Inability to use a custom avatar

This is done primarily to ensure that new users aren't able to disrupt the board with little or no consequence. If you stick around and participate for a while, you will automatically be granted these privileges when you meet certain criteria. For most users, it doesn't take long.

Punishable Offenses
ChiefsPlanet tries to be a forum run by it's community, and the moderator's do have freedom to chose how to deal with a given situation. That being said, the following are things that we have agreed upon as reasons that may result in some form of punishment.

Possible Punishments
Physical threats and other severe actions will result in immediate bans. For the most part, though, the moderators will try and handle things at the lowest level possible, and move to more severe punishments as more infractions occur.

  • Warnings (via PM, in the thread, or the infraction feature), and reporting of the post in the mod forum for visibility
  • Daily post count limit
  • Temporary kick to the Romper Room
  • Permanent kick to the Romper Room
  • Short Term Ban
  • Long Term Ban
  • Permanent Ban

Single Thread Bans may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Highjacking threads with no thought given to the OP
  • Derailment of threads due to personal feuds
  • General derailment of threads
  • Rude or insensitive comments in a prayers/thoughts thread
  • Constant trolling of a single thread

How can I adjust the profanity filter?
By default, all users are configured to use a small set of profanity filters. However, we recognize that different people have different preferences for how profanity is handled on the forum. As such, you have the following options to control the forum's profanity filters:
  • If you would rather not use the default filter list, change your default style to "Full Featured (unfiltered)" in your User CP under "Edit Options."
  • If you would like to add additional words to the forum's word censor list, you can do so in your User CP under "Edit Options" as well. Look for "Self Censor Posts" toward the bottom of the list. Words you enter into the box will be replaced by asterisks in the forum.

What is the allowed size of a Signature?
ChiefsPlanet has some very generous guidelines, 200 pixels tall by 650 pixels wide is more than enough screen real estate for you to express you individuality. That dimension includes your graphics AND any witty text you want to share. If you go over this amount, you may lose your ability to have a signature.

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